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OPEN AUDITIONS:  Auditions for Angel Street (Gaslight) are filled.  Watch this space for future open auditions for Animal Farm (perfs in Feb 2018), and for The Rover (perfs in April 2018). For more information contact:



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Our theme this Season: "Thinking Makes It So."  Subscribe to all four plays, or to three plays of your choice:

The Playboy of the Western World, an O'Neill Festival production that celebrates Irish life and language, and the very spirit of telling tales.  Sept 1-17, 2017


Angel Street (Gaslight), a Victorian thriller that will grab you: "Do you hear footsteps upstairs?"   Oct 20–Nov 5, 2017

Animal Farm, a cautionary tale about politics and populism, just right for our times.
Feb 2-18, 2018


The Rover, an exceedingly funny restoration romp that launched the phrase
“the battle of the sexes.”   April 13-29, 2018.



2017-2018 SEASON

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Find your Inner Irish this Fall!


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The Eugene O'Neill Festival honors the grand tradition of Irish Storytelling with two great plays that capture the spirit of Ireland. Role Players Ensemble will be presenting the most Irish of Irish plays, John Millington Synge's The Playboy of the Western World at the Village Theatre; while the Eugene O'Neill Foundation, Tao House will be hosting O'Neill's tribute to the resilience of the Irish spirit, A Touch of the Poet. Join us for a month of passionate and poetic productions.


Telling Tales

A Celebration of Irish Storytelling

The Playboy of the Western World

A Touch of the Poet

September 1-30

Tickets on sale now!

For tickets and information about all Festival events, go to 

For more details about the Eugene O'Neill Foundation, Tao House and the 18th Annual Festival, go to


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Recent Reviews for Laughing Stock


 “If you need a good laugh (and who doesn’t at tax time!), then Role Players Ensemble’s “Laughing Stock” will fit the bill. . . . Charles Morey’s comedy had me doubled over with laughter as the story of a funky summer stock company trying to survive in a New England barn unfolds. While the plot is simple - perform three shows in repertory and try to break even - the crazy characters make this show a gem.”  Curtain Calls by Sally Hogarty, East Bay Times, April 19, 2017


 Read full review here>


 “The production really shines in occasional moments of absolute chaos, such as a catastrophically glitch-ridden performance of “Dracula,” with Rob Evans’ sound design, Christian V. Mejia’s lighting and costumer Lisa Danz’s props all going riotously awry. . . . Ultimately it’s a sentimental ode to the temporary family that forms around a show, bound together by all the havoc, heartbreak and giddy triumph they experience together.”  Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Times, April 21, 2017


 Read full review here>


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