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Laughing Stock (Charles Morey, dir: Eric Fraisher Hayes). 9M (20’s-70's); 4F (20’s-70's). 1 min. monologue plus cold read. Non-AEA. Stipend. Auds 12/11 2-6PM. Callbacks 12/12 7-10PM. Rehs begin 2/27/2017. Perfs 4/14-4/30/2017. Appt/HS/Resume:


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When struggling actors Jack and Leo read a news story about an unclaimed inheritance, they decide to put their acting talents to the ultimate test. Leading Ladies by Ken Ludwig, author of Lend Me a Tenor, is one part Shakespeare, two parts ”Some Like it Hot”, and all laughs from beginning to end.


Directed by Scott Fryer; featuring Alan Coyne, Damien Seperi, Jerry Motta, Ann Kendrick, Zara Benner, Carter Chastain, Caitlin Everson, James Frankle.

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