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Auditions are now open for RPE's 2018 Fund Raiser: They're Playing My Song. We'll be saluting Broadway's Favorite Composers. March 17, 2018 at The Village Theatre in Danville. Positions open for male and female singers/movers. Stipend paid. Rehearsals in Danville, to be scheduled. Ed Goldfarb on the piano!  Contact Sharon Sprecher at .">. or call 916-768-9785 for details.

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piano lesson review

Review: August Wilson’s ghostly “Piano Lesson” comes to Danville

By Sam Hurwitt

Family is a powerful thing.  But responsibility to family means different things to different people, and that plays out pointedly in “The Piano Lesson,” the August Wilson drama that Role Players Ensemble is now performing at Danville’s Village Theatre.

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dontdrinkthewater review

Review: Don’t Drink The Water

By Charles Jarrett

This fun-filled farce presented by the Role Players Theater examines what could happen to an American who gets in trouble with that [unspecified communist] country’s secret police.

Walter and Marion are like two clowns in a circus ring -- a bit crazy but lovable, irrational, politically ignorant and blatantly buffoonish.

This brilliant comedy is one laugh after another. This production, under the excellent direction of Aaron Murphy, is outrageously funny, and the surprise ending is well worth the trip to Danville.

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Review: Woody Allen Cold War comedy revived in Danville

By Sam Hurwitt

Role Players gives the pleasantly goofy play an appropriately animated production directed by Aaron Murphy, who appeared as an actor in the company’s previous show, Edward Albee’s “Seascape.” Bob Wagner’s attractive set gives the embassy a homey atmosphere, essentially a living room with an official-looking desk in the center.

[among the cast] the bumbling Axel Magee (played with priceless slapstick clumsiness by Paul Collins) . . . his no-nonsense father (stern Edward Kimak, who also plays a pompous sultan) . . . his immaculately competent colleague (coolly confident Craig Eychner) . . . The New Jersey tourists . . . Husband Walter . . . [a]s played by Randy Anger, he’s more than a little reminiscent of Jackie Gleason . . .his more level-headed wife Marion (amusingly passive-aggressive Dana Lewenthal) . . . [t]heir adult daughter (winningly flirtatious Liz Frederick) . . . the relentless head of the secret police (stern, stony-faced Bill Dietz) . . . a priest given asylum for religious persecution (jovial Joe Fitzgerald).

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Review: Curtain Calls

By Sally Hogarty

Consistently funny, however, is Randy Anger as the father, with Fitzgerald adding some nice touches as the magician/priest. Craig Eychner (Kilroy, the assistant ambassador) does a nice job when, after being hit in the head, he thinks he’s both of the Wright Brothers. Adding her own comedic touches as the mother is Dana Lewenthal, with Collins (the ambassador’s son) having some nice moments as well.

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